Teen Parenting; Choosing to Become a Better Person

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         Parenting is difficult, especially while being a teen. I’ve learned many things about parenting that no one ever taught me about. Although I’ve had some help from my mother it was  not so easy as I thought it would be. Becoming a parent changed my life and mindset completely. Everything I do now is for my son.My life before becoming a parent wasn’t going so well. I was missing school a lot and wasn’t making great decisions. I thought of life as just having fun and getting things done if I had the time. School wasn’t important for me at all so I didn’t really care about my grades or missing class. I simply didn’t care about anything in general. That was a major problem for me and my future.

         Towards the end of my sophomore year I found out I was expecting a baby and I honestly didn’t know what to do at that point. I didn’t know who to talk to or where to go so I stayed quiet and kept on going with my life. That was until I knew it was no joke and I was soon to become a parent. I went to my mother for help and told her about my pregnancy. She was very frustrated with me and disappointed. But she was there every step of the way with me. Very soon I started going to school more often and started focusing on my education and getting my work done. I then started my junior year at Mountain View and for the first time was doing very well in school. I was proud of myself for being able to change and start off good.

         Not only that changed, but my lifestyle and attitude did also. I knew I had to be an example for my child. So I tried my best to always act in a mannerly way and respect everyone. I also learned many things about parenting from my mother and others. I wasn’t quite ready and mature enough to be a mother but I managed to change to become a great mother. Soon after my son was born it wasn’t easy. Especially when I got back to school. My sleep schedule drastically changed, so did my daily time management. I had to get loads of work done while having to take care of my son. It was very challenging, even though I had help from my mother. But I knew that I needed to be strong in order to get through school. From that point on I started taking everything I did seriously. I was aware that every decision I made would affect my future.

         My pregnancy wasn’t easy I was very uncomfortable towards the end. I was always tired and not in the best mood. I had problems with my blood platelets because they were so low, so I would always go to my doctor so get 5-8 tubes of blood drawn. Check ups during pregnancy are expensive with the ultrasounds and tests that are taken. But I had financial help from Medicaid, they helped me all up until I gave birth. Also after my son was born they helped me financially with his check ups and shots. A program called FAMIS Moms was also very helpful, a nurse would come visit and take my blood pressure and talk to me about what to do with my child in terms of his health. They also give you a social worker that comes and checks up on you if you need anything.

      I know some people may think becoming a parent as a teen may stop you from doing what you want to do in life, but that’s not always it. If you put in the effort to succeed you will. Thinking positive and not living in a toxic environment is important. Also asking for help when necessary. Parenting will be hard regardless if your doing everything right. It motivated me to work harder and strive for a bright future.

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