Teens Find a New High

Teens Find a New High


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Last year alone over 8,000 people, mostly teens, were sent to the hospital for abusing over the counter drugs such a cough syrup.

Misty Fetko found her eldest son dead one morning, although she is not the only one who has had to deal with a tragedy such as this.

Many teens have started up a new trend of drinking cough syrup with sprite and jolly ranchers.  This new concoction goes be the street term “lean.”

The government is trying to get cough syrup and other types of over the counter medication regulated as prescription drugs to avoid more accidents and deaths such as these.


I don’t think the government should feel the need to make over-the-counter drugs prescribed.  Even though people do abuse the drugs, they could easily abuse anything else the same way. If cough syrup is prescribed there would be an outbreak of sicknesses.  People wouldn’t go to the doctor and pay for the appointment.  They would rather endure the cough or whatever sickness they have, which would cause it to spread to people in their surroundings.

Coughing Fit
Coughing Fit (Photo credit: poisonivyism)