Teens Trust Other Teens More than Adults



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This article is about parenting a preteen or a teenager. Teens tend to trust people around their age, they feel like they can open up better and trust them more, and that they will understand them better. This is sometimes not true, but everyone at that age will think like that. Many studies and psychological tests prove that teens are more influenced by other teens

This is true because a few years ago I was also a teen, and sometimes for pressure or just because it’s what other teens do, and we just follow what we are seeing without thinking. Sometimes we trust friends our own age because we might not have been able to talk about certain stuff with an adult. This is because we are worried or ashamed of what they might think; but it is way better to trust an adult.  This is because adults have more experience; sometimes they can understand better and sometimes they don’t judge your actions.  A trusted adult will help you with a problem that you might have or just help you understand the situation better and also help you to become a better and mature person.