Terror In France and World Wide



A rose placed in a bullet hole in a restaurant window the day after a series of deadly attacks in Paris , November 14, 2015. The note reads “In the Name of What?” REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol


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A terrorist group from Iraq and Syria known as the Islamic State , has spread worldwide. ISIS is responsible for destroying lives of millions of people all around the world.  They have brutally murdered innocent children, men and women. In France, approximately 140 people were killed in a series of terrorist attacks earlier this month. The terrorists used home made bombs, and guns as their weapons of choice. ISIS has been targeting civilians both Christian, Muslim and otherwise. The motivation of ISIS’s terrorist attacks have not been exactly disclosed.

I believe that every nation should work together to protect innocent civilians world wide. I believe that it is very wrong for people to be brutally murdered based on their religion, ethnic background and sex. I hope that these terrorist are dealt with properly by US and other countries.  I think that ISIS should be taken seriously this time because President Obama minimized their hatred towards non Muslims  by calling them a “JV team”; implying they were not a threat.  Now they have murdered innocent people and grabbed the world’s attention.

It is unfathomable that innocent children should have to die and be deprived of a long and healthy life because of peoples unnecessary hatred towards them. I hope that protecting these children  and refugees from war torn countries will be made a priority by every nation. I believe that it is our duty as fellow human beings to intervene in this world wide crisis and put an end to this violence. Along with the tragic event that has happened in France. ISIS has been making threats towards America and Western Europe stating that they have 71 trained soldiers on standby ready to commit attacks of terrorism.  They have targeted cities like Washington DC and Brussels, Belgium. I think Americans should be vigilant and take safety precautions to avoid harm. I pray for the safety to Americans other people of this world, and that hopefully one day peace can be restored.

For more information on how the international community is responding to ISIS click on this link from the UN.