Trouble in Syria; The American Response


In response to another chemical weapons attack in Syria President Trump ordered US missiles launched against Syria.

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The terrorists did not have the capacity to destroy the United States militarily, so they set their sights on the symbolic objectives. The Twin Towers, as the centerpieces of the World Trade Center, symbolized globalization and the economic power and prosperity of the United States. The Pentagon, as headquarters of the US Department of Defense EE. UU, Serves as a symbol of American military power. It is believed that flight 93 was headed to the Capitol building, the center of the US legislative government. Al Qaeda hoped that, by attacking these symbols of US power, it would unilaterally generalize throughout the country and weaken the position of the United States in the world community, finally supporting its political and religious objectives in the Middle East and the United States. Muslim world. . 

Why does the United States attack Syria?

Resultado de la imagen para el mapa de Siria fue atacado desde EE. UU.On Friday April 7, 2017, Syria witnessed an amazing act by US President Donald

Trump, ordered an attack at the Al-Shairat air base.

The attack was carried out with 59 Tomahawk-type missiles against one of the largest air bases in the Arab country that led the Syrian offensives against terrorists in the area.

In this article we study the motives behind the attack that are related to the situation in Syria and what is happening in the US territory. In addition to analyzing its consequences for global security against Takfiri terrorism.

Situation in Syria

The attack took place at a momentous moment, in which Syria, after taking full control of the city of Aleppo, considered the symbol of the opponents, accelerated its advance in the fight against terrorists and won more territories, something that had a direct effect in negotiations with the opposition. Just after the significant advance of the Syrian army on the ground, the opposition sat at the dialogue table in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), where for the first time progress was seen in the negotiations and a relatively stable ceasefire was established. several weeks in Syria. Everything indicates that the situation in the Arab country and the talks are going towards a constructive result.

However, what was happening in the Arab country was absolutely unacceptable to the Saudi-West front that had invested billions of dollars to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. On the one hand, they saw opposition weaker than ever and on the other, President Bashar al-Assad, who already had the initiative to restore the situation in the country.

In these circumstances and to affect the will of Syria, Iran and Russia in the fight against terrorism and to overthrow Assad, an excuse was needed and the best thing of all was a chemical attack to convince world public opinion that the tragedy continues in Syria and that it is time to end the violation of human rights in the Arab country, as was done with the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, in 2003. And in this way, a chemical attack against Jan Sheijun, in the northwest of the province of Idlib, an assault that left 86 dead and generated shocking images.

However, the accusations against the Syrian government and taking responsibility for the attack on the Syrian army are far from reality for several reasons. First, is that after the former US president, Barack Obama, threatened Syria with a direct war in 2013, Damascus in the framework of an agreement between Russia and the United States, signed on September 14, 2013, systematically destroyed its entire arsenal of chemical weapons. In addition, the Syrian chemical disarmament process was carried out with the logistical and administrative support of the United Nations.


El resultado de la imagen para el mapa de Siria fue atacado desde los Estados Unidos.


The second reason that makes it difficult for us to believe that the Syrian government carried out the attack is the situation in the Arab country. After 6 years of war, Syria is witnessing an almost stable truce and negotiations between the government and the opposition have been constructive. Considering the two important factors mentioned, it can be said that the attack was vital in US foreign policy. UU To stop the positive process in Syria.

Situation in the United States

In addition to what was happening in Syria, the attack on Friday in the United States could be related to what Donald Trump is experiencing in his country.

The American aggression against the Syrian base took place just at the moment of high tension in the USA. UU And at the beginning of an investigation about the relationship between Trump and Russia. Some investigations that could even end with the arrest of the relatives of the president of the United States. This is because Trump, both from the point of view of his people and internationally, is recognized as an ally of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, so he had to do something to reject the accusations and attack the main ally of Russia in the East. Medium.

The other reason is that in recent months almost all the plans and reforms proposed by Trump were rejected in Congress, from the immigration reform to Trump’s attention. However, the military measure against Damascus for the first time joined all the senators, including the Democrats in their favor.

The other factor was the pressure of the Zionist lobby in the USA. UU., As well as to Saudi Arabia against Trump to adopt a position different from the one from Obama in foreign policy, especially with respect to Syria. This after the statements of the Secretary of State of the United States, Rex Tillerson, in Turkey, where he said that the Syrian people themselves must decide the future of Assad. Then, after the attack on Syria, the Zionists, the Saudis and the Turks welcomed Trump’s initiative.

Attacking Syria, a country that has been fighting takfiri terrorists for more than 6 years, receiving logistical and financial support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Western countries, is equivalent not only to fighting the Syrian government, but also to strengthening of terrorists who are about to fail in Syria and Iraq, two main centers of operation of terrorist groups.

In this context, it should be mentioned that the strengthening of terrorists means an increase in terrorist acts throughout the world, whose effect we are seeing every day in different countries. Every day we hear news of kidnappings, abuse of ordinary people, bombings at airports and shopping centers. Then, the sponsors of the terrorists should know that terrorism does not stay in the Middle East and outside their territories, but it has a boomerang effect and will affect them. Therefore, we must support the countries that fight against this scourge to restore security and stability in the world.


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