Texas Beginnings



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When I first came across the boarder to this country from El Salvador, I stepped foot on the state of Texas.

It is one of the bigger states in the United States. Although I was a young child without knowing anything or anyone but my family, I felt that I wasn’t going to like it. As a young child I saw Texas with my small eyes. Growing up there I spoke only a little bit of English. It was hard but I learned it step by step and  got the hang of it.  Knowing the language makes things easier. I couldn’t wait to start a future with my family in a better place like Texas.


My future started in Texas but how did Texas begin?

At the time that the first Spanish conquistadors in 1519 the land was populated by native tribes was a percent of native tribes.


Texas was claimed by France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas and United States.  Spanish authorities took control of the land and tried to colonize Texas. Mexico controlled the territory until Texas Texas won it’s independence in the 1830s.  Did you know that Texas was its own nation?  United States farmers, settlers and slave holders originally settled here for the land and freedom.  This caused the Independence war with Mexico and eventually a war between the United States and Mexico.  In 1845 the United States made Texas a state becoming the 28th state. The takeover of the state caused the Mexican-American war in 1846.

Mexican Cession in Mexican View
Mexican Cession in Mexican View (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is interesting to think how my first days in Texas would have been different if it was still an independent nation or if it never broke away from Mexico.