Texas Biker Shootout; Rights and Responsibilities

Texas Biker Shootout; Rights and Responsibilities


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On Sunday, May 17th, In Waco ,Texas a movie like scene broke out which went from fists to guns in a matter of minutes. Nine people were killed in this shoot out they don’t really specify why but some sources say it started when someones foot got ran over.   Motorcycle gangs have been around for over 50 years but this incident of violence captured nation wide attention because it had to do with guns and turf wars.  This also has a lot to do with the 1st and 2nd amendment because it raises the questions about the limits of the freedoms of association, speech and gun ownership.


Like some families, biker gangs tend to settle scores among themselves. Privately, if not quietly.

But on Sunday, a feud between two rival biker groups — the Bandidos and Cossacks — broke into the open in a big way.

At least nine people were killed when a fight erupted at a Waco, Texas, restaurant, with the clash escalating in minutes from fists to guns.

This all sounds like a scene from an old western movie. Its crazy when things you think only happen in the movies happen in real life, This is a perfect example of why they might need to tighten gun laws in certain states. In fact gun laws might not even be the issue here. They might need to crack down on the biker gangs and show that this nonsense is not accepted anywhere no matter the reason.

The core democratic values are Authority, Life, and Liberty.

  This whole situation lacked a balance of rights and responsibility. The rights being the ability for one to own and carry a fire arm and the responsibility was for them to follow all the gun laws.  Should authority crack down on biker gangs?  they could face problems of gang rebellion and more lawlessness if they do.