Texas Police Officer Pulls Weapon on Teenage Pool-Goers



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A Texas Police officer is now on administrative leave after a cell phone video surfaced of him pulling a gun on a crowd of teenagers outside a pool party. The video shows the officers forcing one girl to the ground and then pulling his gun on a group of other teenagers trying to intervene. The officers tells her to get on her face and then kneels on her back.

I think this ongoing issue has to do with the value of authority and libertyI think it has to do with authority because of the police doing their jobs the wrong way or abusing their power. It has to do with the liberty of the teenagers involved because the police took away their freedoms by pulling a weapon on them without another weapon being present. In this way it is a violation of procedural justice because there was no legitimate probable cause.  Some might argue this has to do with the value of life as well but no lives were taken so this is debatable.  The values of truth and security are clearly present in the use of a cell phone to record this incident.  Even with this recording, investigators and the public need to be careful not to jump to conclusions.

Obviously the details are still being investigated but if this is true then the roots of prejudice go deeper than most Americans realize.