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On Thursday November 12th an Army captain who saved himself and many of his fellow soldiers from two suicide bombers will receive the Medal of Honor. The attack took place in Kunar Province Afghanistan in August 2012. Florent Groberg was the name of the Army captain. He is  recognized for his selfless service during the attack.

Groberg was providing security for senior military leaders, with five other soldiers when the ambush took place. They were walking down the road to the provincials governors compound when a man came out of a building to the left of them. The man was described as not looking like himself, looking as if he were drugged. When the soldiers noticed something big underneath his clothes they all rushed towards him. After knocking the man down, a few moments later the bomb went off knocking Groberg five feet. Out of no where a second suicide bomber appeared and killed himself and 4 other soldiers who had been with Groberg.

The first bomb left Groberg with serious injuries. His skin was melting, his fibia sticking out of his leg and blood was everywhere.


Groberg had 33 surgeries to keep his leg. After three years in recovery, he medically retired in July. Groberg will be the 10th living person to receive the medal of honor for the actions in Afghanistan. This medal is the highest ranking military medal and is only given to those who have been extremely brave and put our country before themselves. I think that what Groberg did is truly amazing. He sacrificed himself to protect our country, our freedoms, and his fellow soldiers; not many people would do that. He is an good example of a modern day hero.

This story helped me appreciate all that military veterans do in order to secure our freedom.  Please consider expressing your gratitude to a Veteran at the following website:

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