Thank you Church’s and Chantilly students

Thank you Churchs and Chantilly students


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I just wanted to say thank you for the churches, and chantilly students for all the books

and presents! This is just a great thing you guys did for us teen parents. I got a lot of things for Audrey (my daughter) and little things for my self. Its amazing what some people in this world do for others. I love helping people and its great to see others helping out. I love the little things i got and a all the stuff for Audrey. Also thank you for just a great start for christmas this made my day! Happy young girl that  knows they are nice people out in this world, that care about all of us (teen parents) and others. I know the churcheshelp out with the homeless, and go to places to help with disaters like hurricans. Chantilly students thank you for the toy legos, and the snowmans! they were so adorable! i used to go to chantilly SS5. I’m thanking you guys so much! and with Mountian view! Thank you as well for setting these things up! Also its great you guys make PB and J sandwhiches for the homeless every monday. THANK YOU EVERYOE

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