The 2nd Amendment Crisis

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July 4th in Chicago, Illinois a shooter opened fire at a fourth of July parade killing six and injuring dozens of more people. The 18 year old suspect used an automatic military style assault rifle to fire on the crowd from the roof of a nearby business. The suspect used an unsecured ladder attached to the side of the building. Those who were injured range from the ages 8-85 years old, Including four or five kids. The suspect is a young white male aged 20 who owned this military style assault rifle legally. 

 Gun laws in Chicago; really in the entire nation should be changed. I strongly believe if somebody wants to own a gun in Chicago or anywhere that the authorities check their social media accounts to see if there’s any evidence of gun violence or mental health issues on someone’s social media. The Chicago shooter, had clues and evidence that he wanted to do the killings. He attempted suicided once in his home and had the cops called on him by his family members. It is documented that he threatened the lives of his family members in his house which led to a phone call to authorities who came to the home in 2019.

“Questions also arose about how the suspect could have skirted Illinois’ relatively strict gun laws to legally purchase five weapons, including the high-powered rifle used in the shooting, despite authorities being called to his home twice in 2019 for threats of violence and suicide.

Police went to the home following a call from a family member who said Crimo was threatening “to kill everyone” there. Covelli said police confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword, but said there was no sign he had any guns at the time, in September 2019. Police in April 2019 also responded to a reported suicide attempt by Crimo, Covelli said.”

Having the right to own a gun is within the law.  Rights for everything from home ownership to voting to getting your driver’s license are more regulated than the second amendment right to own guns.  The second amendment is designed to grant safety and protection for ourselves and the people. The power of owning a gun and going out and buying one is not well regulated. Currently American society is facing danger from the mass production, marketing and ownership of guns. When you own a gun with proper authority it should be used only for a good purpose or self defense. 

There are organizations, law groups that are running lobby groups by people that have had enough of the gun violence. It shows that gun laws save lives but any state is not protected if its neighbors and communities fail to protect public safety. To learn more GO HERE.

Gun Safety Policies Save Lives: LINK