The beauty of Art

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Why do we need art ?

We need art to understand our individual and shared history. We need art to show our culture,emotions and Ideas. Art is not just drawing or just painting like everyone thinks. Art has brought together a divided and depressed American society throughout our history and it is needed even more today.

The Federal Art Project’s primary goals during the Great Depression of the 1930s were to employ out-of-work artists and to provide art for non-federal municipal buildings and public spaces. Artists were paid $23.60 a week; tax-supported institutions such as schools, hospitals and public buildings paid only for materials. Public art terminology frequently promises a commitment not only to democracy as a form of government but to a general democracy spirit of equality as well.


To see how public art is uplifting Washington DC today:

Murals DC

1st amendment? The freedom to express yourself your emotions and thoughts as well as to associate with groups and communities peacefully.  Art is a tool for peace because it brings understanding through new perspectives in a way that builds community. By doing art you are using the first amendment because you can express your emotions by drawing or painting. 


What are the benefits of art

  • Art Boosts Self-Esteem, Provides a Sense of Accomplishment.
  • How Art Makes Children Better Students for Life.
  • Viewing Art Increases Empathy, Tolerance, and Feelings of Love.
  • Art Eases the Burden of Chronic Health Conditions.
  • Art Exercises to Do at Home.
  • Creating Art vs Art Therapy.