The Big Picture

The Big Picture


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“Humanity is on the brink of something amazing”  Adam Kokesh

Paradoxically, the media has severely wounded the psyche of many individuals. This is a paradox because the “media” is supposed to inform the population about important events that are transpiring and anything else that would objectively bring awareness to everyone. Instead, there is an overwhelming amount of  balderdash/inane content that’s being  propelled into the forefront;  Example: Celebrity “A” and “B” are currently hooking up, check out “Y’s” new outfit, etc.

For those who understand the principles of a  free market, these giant media conglomerates can legally project this nonsense via commercials, TV programs, websites and the radio, even if it cognitively debilitates the populace. Its asinine how these media entities generate mountains of revenue while simultaneously distracting/suppressing the awareness of its customary viewers. Think of the media content  as a perpetual loop or cycle, these  trends have a brief lifespan.  They are “hot” for a while, then become fads, and eventually go out of vogue. But the continuity of the cycle does not die out; the popular subject-matter ends and a new one takes its place. Cut the head off a serpent, it reconstitutes itself and another head spawns in its place.

Apart from the intellectually impudent content the media produces, lets discuss the deceptive tactics these goons employ to trick people into surrendering there free will, awareness, and desire of knowledge.  A briefing on these tactics is necessary. There is a wide array of control strategies/ploys the media utilizes: subliminal messages, embellishments, lies, distractions, and on a vibratory level, there is scientific proof that TV’s emit a  frequency that is detrimental to the human mind.

Lets analyze subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are ubiquitous in all forms of media (Popular music, movies, TV, some video games, etc). They usually insinuate future events and deceive the mind into believing propaganda.  Since its “subliminal” the propaganda (or whatever else is being projected) is able to breach your subconsciousness unnoticed. Its imperceptible to the conscious mind since the attention is focused on the program they are watching.  The guards of your kingdom (your mind) are distracted by the ploy. With no protection, the infiltration is facilitated. Embellishments are employed  to make a story sound more compelling,  self aggrandizing , and to attack one’s reputation. This tactic  is prevalent in both the entertainment business and politics.  However its self-evident, do your own research, be neutral, be aware, and physically avoid the propaganda, you will then begin to see through the illusion and recognize that this is all political theater. These tactics become futile if one is aware. The lies are also exposed when one applies awareness. If used properly, technology and the internet will help advance your understanding. May we be blessed to live in such interesting times. Technology is like a hammer, you can hit yourself on the head with it, or use it constructively.

A large portion of the population’s naivete is exploited by essentially all of the business entities (which are infuenced by the government). People are fooled into buying fast food, trusting the medias bias/exaggerations, striving to be like celebrity’s, showing allegiance to slimy political goons, subscribing to materialism,  etc, etc, etc. I have faith that humanity will evolve past all of this; a paradigm shift is necessary however. The video above is a great way to get your path to awakening started, just be neutral and be open to the solutions.

Humanity is still recoiling from wounds inflicted by big corporations/governments. These institutions have a propensity for power and control and view the population as if they were sheep. In order to shift the paradigm, a non-violent collective revolution is essential. Our species will then lose its shackles and transcend the conceptual barriers it once feared.