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The Big Bang, literally a great outburst, constitutes the moment in which from the “nothing” emerges all matter, that is to say, the origin of the Universe.

The theory of the Big Bang (Explosion) to explain the origin of the universe is the most accepted by the scientific society today.

According to this theory the universe began about 14 billion years ago with a great explosion.  Immediately after this phenomenon occurred space, time, energy, and matter were created. Everything that surrounds us, clothes, water, trees, our cars, and our houses are constituted by the matter formed by the Big Bang.  The hydrogen in the water is the same hydrogen that formed immediately after the Big Bang.


Some even predict that as a consequence of the gravitational force that attracts the planets to each other the expansive motion will slow down until it is annihilated. From this moment there will be a contraction of the Universe until its gravitational collapse; Big Crunch, then disappearing into nothingness.

The prediction goes on to assume that after the total collapse, there will be a new expansion, another Big Bang, and so on indefinitely in an infinite series of Big Bangs and Big Crunches that would also justify an infinite number of universes. The theory does not go into explaining the causes of the Big Bang

The proof of this theory is due to the astronomer Edwin Hubble, who in 1929 observed that the universe is continually expanding and that therefore all galaxies are far apart. But the origin of the Big Bang is the greatest mystery of all time.


English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking.
English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist, states, “Did the universe have a beginning? Where does the universe come from? How and why did it start? Will it have an end? How will that end? What broke out in the Big Bang? Why did it explode? If we knew these answers would be the definitive triumph of human reason, we would know the mind of the created.”