The Black Shadow

The Black Shadow


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In the most dangerous areas of El Salvador La sombra Negra ( black shadow) are taking advantage over the whole country. This is a group masked people, the goal of these men is to destroy every criminal and gang member that lives harassing innocent people. They make their own outfit of a red and black color, and cover their entire body and faces in order to not be identified. People around the country don’t know who they are and where they came from, since El Salvador turned a dangerous place even to their own natives.  The black shadow started to execute gang members.

El Salvador is the second most violent country in the world. It is a small country but almost every day at least 30 people die. The MS-13 street is one kind of gang that are known for covering their faces and bodies with tattoos, making themselves easier pray for the black shadow’s  “Vigilante”  justice.

The 18-street is another gang.  They are the MS-13’s street rivals. The black shadow does not care about which gang you belong, they will just kill them in order to destroy violence.   Do you think that it is possible to end violence with violence?

It is harder for gang members to recognize and kill the black shadow members because they are ex-militarist and police officers. It could be very confusing because they are not approved by the government. The government can not stop them because of their fear of them.

I believe It is wrong to kill people, however the gangs deserve it. I think this is like a civil war caused by the gangs.  It is time to fight back.  People are desperate because so many innocent people have been murdered.  My brother says, “I wish the black shadow would kill all of the gang members, so violence and murders of innocent people could stop.”

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