The Blessing Of Having A Baby On The Way

This ultrasound image shows about 22 weeks.

This ultrasound image shows about 22 weeks.

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Stay Strong Loves 


A baby ? When you first find out that your going to be a mother, it can be scary. You might be afraid, nervous and even mad because it wasn’t what you expected or it didn’t turn out how you plan. It’s normal, it’s ok to feel that way but don’t take it all on yourself. You have to look at the positive sides and if you feel like there aren’t any well keep on reading to find out how amazing you are and why.


I want to start off saying that you are already unique and special from the moment that you have the blessing to carry a baby. About 15% of woman’s in the country aren’t able to have kids at all, they will never get the feeling of carrying a baby of there own. They have to find donors and that’s if it even works, some girls even if they try all the things they can and they still aren’t able to. Those woman have to accept the reality that the won’t get to experience motherhood and for you to have the blessing that you can, take advantage of it.


I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, day by day your going to feel like it’s getting harder and harder but now you have someone that you have to keep on going for. There’s going to be a lot of changes physically and mentally but it’s all worth it I promise. Body change is one big one, your body will start changing. With body change your going to experience stretch marks, gain weight everywhere, and each day it might take you time to get dress up and cute but do you either ways. Even if you feel like you can’t dress up, get up beautiful and get even more prettier than usual.