The catcher in the Rye


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The catcher in the Rye

                My first impression of this book was not the best. I didn’t really like it and thought it was going to be boring since I don’t really read much. The book is about Holden Caulfield. His story begins on a December Saturday at Pencey Prep School in Pennsylvania, where he’s just been kicked out for failing all his classes except English. He describes what happened to him and what is happening recently. His life isn’t really the best and he’s always living in the past telling stories of what has happened to him. Holden is telling us his madman stories and we get to know him more and more because he really tells us about his life, what he thinks and everything around him. He doesn’t really move on with life and his past keeps him still, and he never really finds his own path to follow. This book ended up being pretty good. The author uses a unique writing style he makes the words come to life, and I would say the author pretty much is describing himself in this book.

I can totally relate this book to myself because I’m actually like Holden. I’m always thinking about everything in life and the people around me and I always keep my opinion to myself just like him. Holden is also a lonely man. He’s not alone because he has some family, but he knows he doesn’t really fit in. He is always trying to make things his way and sometimes that is not the best way. There is a point in life when you are going to have to find your path in life and follow it. Sometimes, when I was reading this book, it made me realize so much and made me think about the people around me. The people around you are never really going to be there for you and sometimes you are going to have to be independent. I can relate to him even though our lives are different but the things that go through his mind are really similar to mind. I still don’t know my path in life, but I’m going to have to find it soon or later.

This book has an important message. The author wants you to see other perspectives in life and how sometimes it is not easy and the stuff you do can affect you sooner or later. Sometimes people don’t think about what they do or don’t really feel like doing it. What they should really think is that is going to help you in the future. The author also tries to tell us that living in the past is not so good since you are always thinking about it instead of moving on with life.  I really recommend this book to the audience because it not just teaches you so much stuff, it is pretty interesting and I guarantee it is going to make you realize so many things about how life is. If you really like to read, The Catcher in The Rye would be my suggestion for you.