The Children Are Our Future; RRR!

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As the keepers of earth, every Government and human organization should be inspired and empower their people to protect and execute plans to create a healthier planet. Earth and its weather acts with our help or without it. We know that together we can make a big impact. If we learn and teach each other, we together will find better ways  and use the tools that we have to reduce waste and recycle more.

Bring that to our social media or most popular ways to attract the public.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” – Albert Einstein

Children should not play with unsafe trash, let’s recycle it, and make them a park. Below is a hopeful example of how children are inspired to work with their environment to create a better world.


The feeling of not being able to afford instruments, empowered children with many ideas to be creative.  They began making their own tools to enjoy the same life with children that have everything. Children that are able to see the planets trash as a treasure  can transform such trash into musical instruments, parks, and monuments.