The Deaf



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Illustration of Electric Acoustic Stimulation,...
Illustration of Electric Acoustic Stimulation, a combination of hearing aid and a cochlear implant in the same ear. Deutsch: Schemazeichnung Elektrisch Akustische Stimulation, eine Kombination von Hörgerät und Cochlear-Implantat im selben Ohr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deafness means people can’t hear.  People can become deaf through sickness or an accident.  Loud sounds can damage the eardrum. People may lose their hearing only temporarily or it can be permanent.  My grandma can’t hear because one day she took a shower and got water in her ear.  This became an infection and she lost her hearing.  In my country, Ethiopia, lots of people are deaf. Because they are poor they cannot heat their home or don’t have enough food to eat.  When you are malnourished it is easy to become sic and lose your hearing.

The churches in my country help deaf people.  The richer people give food, clothes and money to the deaf. People who are deaf can also go to a special school where they learn to talk with their hands.  People can also use an Assisted Living Device (hearing aid) to help the sounds become louder.  Another solution could be a cochlear implant.  This device is placed on the outside of the head and into the ear.

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