The Difference Between Honduran and USA Education



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I am from Honduras in central america. Education system in Honduras is structured similarly to the U.S. education system. Primary education is compulsory.  2 to 3-year program. Students that are going to continue studying in the university usually get their bachillerato, which is a general arts and sciences education. The university usually does not offer master’s or doctoral programs, although there are doctoral degrees in medicine, chemistry, and dental surgery.

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Honduras schools grading system is little different from the USA. Schools in Honduras are more outdoors than in the USA. Schools do not provide transportation for students.  If you live half our away from your school you need to walk so you get there. Transportation is one reason why most students stop their studding.

Here is a web where it explain more about the differences of education between Honduras and USA.


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School in Honduras should provide buses for students who can afford to pay a public bus to get to university. The government should create more jobs for those students who wants to to to collage so they can pay for their education.