The Downfall of the Washington Redskins

The Downfall of the Washington Redskins

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According to the Merriam-Webster professional is defined as “relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill.” And “paid to  in a sport or activity” In which sense does the Washington Redskins have professionalism in their organization? Three of the four full NFL seasons the Redskins have been last place in the NFC East. In the four seasons under Head Coach Mike Shanahan the Washington Redskins have had twenty-two games where they let up thirty points or more, by far the most points allowed in the NFL, and with three games to go. The Redskins had a dreadful 2013 season; all off season the biggest media hype was Robert Griffin III injured right knee, under scrutiny and in pressure the Washington Redskins organization is under fire and in need of change.

Since 2010 the Redskins won twenty-four of sixty-one games ranking them one of the worst teams in four years. 2010 consisted of heart break losses the Redskins had seven games which they lost by ten points or less. Mike Shanahan first season in Washington consisted of six and ten season; last in the NFC East lead by ex-Eagle quarter Donovan McNabb. 2011 was just as worse as previous seasons, a disappointing season the Washington Redskins compiled four games of losses with ten points or less; an improvement in that statistics category. Yet the Washington Redskins had two games in which they were blown out; New York Jets beat Washington 34-19 and in Week 17 the Redskins closed their season with a twenty-four point loss verse the Philadelphia Eagles. Mike Shanahan after two years was already on the “Hot seat” of being fired a change in Washington was urgently needed.

A new era of football was much needed for the Washington Redskins. Is Robert Griffin III Heisman winner hailing from Baylor University in Texas the savior of this dismal organization? 2012 draft was the key to the Redskins troubles, trading up to the second pick overall the Redskins had Robert Griffin locked in as they franchise quarterback. As of 2012 Robert Griffin number ten jersey in burgundy was the top selling NFL jersey by far. The Washington Redskins rolled through their opening game, Griffin opened the Redskins’ season by completing 19 of 26 passes for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns while adding 10 carries for 42 rushing yards in a 40-32 victory over the New Orleans Saints. The Washington Redskins were rolling through the 2012 season winning ten games and finishing of a stellar season with seven straight wins. Ten and six season was enough to win the NFC East division and take the Redskins to the playoffs verse the Seattle Seahawks. All things must come to an end and the Washington Redskins Cinderella season ended in tragedy, Griffin then re-injured his knee in the wild card loss to the Seahawks. The Redskins season ended up in a playoff appearance, five players making the pro-bowl and high expectations for next season.

2013 was a brand new year with 2012 problems, throughout the offseason the Redskins dealt with the media hype that is Robert Griffin right knee. Griffin underwent surgery on January 9 and both his LCL and ACL were repaired. The biggest question from the media was “will Robert Griffin III be ready for the season opener verse Philadelphia.”  Robert Griffin missed offseason training activities, training camp, and the entire preseason. Opening day has arrived and the new look Philadelphia Eagles came to Washington on Monday Night Football. The redskins dropped their first three games letting up a league worst 32 points per game. A mess in Washington, the front office is under fire, and on the field the Redskins was a bad. Rumors of head coach Mike Shanahan being on the “Hot seat” was getting even hotter, after the Redskins lost six straight game a change was much needed in Washington. December 8th the Washington Redskins hosted the Kansas City Chiefs, 45-10 loss the Redskins were facing the worst defeat all season, more rumors of Mike Shanahan circulated that he wouldn’t finish the week as the head coach of the Redskins. Making matters worse Mike Shanahan made the decision of setting Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season. The Redskins traveled to the Georgia Dome to clash with the Atlanta Falcons with second-year backup quarterback Kirk Cousins. A classic Redskins loss to sum up their season the Redskins lost 27-26. Washington lost six fumbles to bring their current record to 3-11.

Stop me if you heard this before “a change is need in Washington.” Year after year the Washington Redskins claim change is needed in the organization, but yet nothing is new and results are the same. A well-respected franchise, who won three Super bowls in the 90s, provided twenty-two hall of fame players, and nine coaches. Washington Redskins organization was considered the finest organization in professional sports, but in the last decade the Redskins have been short of their potential. The once popular organization is arguably going through their worst season as a franchise, in jeopardy of changing the team name, and firing everyone in the front office, the Washington Redskins must make changes if they still want to be a part of the NFL.