The ducks shooting the guns; emotional control in criminal America



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On September 10, a Kentucky man who was charged with killing three people — including two teens — was facing additional charges after authorities said he threatened a judge and her family.  Brice Rhodes was already charged with stabbing to death 16-year-old Maurice Gordon and 14-year-old Larry Ordway in Shawnee, KY in May. Their burned bodies were found dumped behind an abandoned house.  How do people commit such crimes?

The next video shows the accused sitting in court when the judge started to read his crimes. At that moment the accused started to screaming against the judge. he threatens the judge saying “I will find out where you live at”

What do the people win by trying to challenge authority? Why it is so hard to just admit and accept their mistakes? It is hard for human beings to respect if all they have known is disrespect.  It is hard for people to control their emotions and think through their actions if they have not been taught how.  What would our prison system be like if we helped criminals by teaching them they proper way to express their emotions?

Sometimes people think that the system is against them and they try to provoke it thinking that doing this they are going to intimidate and gain power. But they only make the things getting worst for them. An example of this is this particular case. What did he gain by saying these words? …..more charges? …..more years in the jail. Well, I can not change the point of view of every single person, but at least can I give the advise to think twice what you going to do or say.


Too many criminals like this man do not have any sense of emotional control. Emotional control is a skill that must be taught and practiced.  That is why I decided to get more information about emotional control. I made a search of this issue and I found a website where the human Executive Functions are explained.  I think this could be helpful for everyone…not just to help violent criminals.

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