The Duffel Bag!!

Dannia Contreras

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Today, I came home from A.C. Moore and found a small rectangular package at my front door. I didn’t remember ordering anything off of eBay or amazon that could have possibly came from UPS, so I picked it up and inspected the mysterious package. The label read my name, my address and on the top left corner was written “Americorps NCCC” and their address. I felt my body fill with excitement and I ran inside to get some scissors. That package was taped up so well it took all of my strength to pry it open. Once I basically destroyed the box, I pulled out the duffel bag! Now, keep in mind, this duffel bag is going to hold all of my clothing, shoes, prized possessions, and toiletries for the next ten months! When I read the welcome packet I was so scared at how small it seemed to be! It’s described as a “military style” duffel bag, measuring 12″x 12″ x 30.” I don’t know about you but, I had no clue how big or small that was going to be. I am terribly bad at math and whatever else that entails to figure out the size of the bag. I had my mind set on the tiniest bag! AND on top of that, I can only bring a small backpack with that! How am I supposed to fit 1o months worth of stuff in a bag like that? I’m going to have to do some SERIOUS picking and choosing. Anyway, I pulled out the bag and I realized it really is not small at all… Now I’m more concerned about carrying a big bag like that for the next 10 months. I don’t even think I have enough clothes in my closet to even fill it up! I guess that means I can take more shoes, and definitely a lot of my winter boots because it is going to be FREEZING in Iowa! I’m still planning on what I actually need to take with me and what I just want to take to have it with me. It’s still going to be a picking and choosing game, but at least I know I can take a lot more stuff than I thought I could take!