The “dumb” Ride



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October 21, 2015

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

There are some kinks that still need ironing out in Tesla’s new “autopilot” feature.


Tesla is one of the most outstanding companies that makes electric cars. They took a step forward  towards their goal of fully autonomous driving. Making their vehicle to automatically steer, change lanes, and adjust speed. The problem is that some owners are complaining about it, because the car keeps exiting highways accidentally.

Posting on the forum Tesla Motors Club, user “demendus” wrote that his coworker’s vehicle has autopilot, and when “going down the highway at around 65 MPH, the AP [autopilot] wanted to exit at every potential exit, when driving in the right lane (not exit exclusive one).”

Tesla is saying that the new “autopilot” future is not a replacement for human driving. This future appears to be as an assistance for drivers who travel for long distances, and it helps them by providing them with a time where they can rest while the car in motion. The way that Tesla’s software work is by releasing new updates wirelessly every ones and a while, which means that this error can be fixed by the next update.

Positively this new technology is following all traffic laws and rules according to the street signs and such. On the dashboard, the car shows you the speed limit of the road that you are driving on. As cars get more automated in their function and become “driverless” the government laws will need to be updated so that car companies like Tesla will be held responsible for malfunction.