The end of use on health program for immigrants

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We all know that health care is expensive but the United States has some of the best trained doctors and technology to treat tour modern health problems.   Health Care is a human right and so is the freedom to travel.  The current administration of President Trump is trying to limit or block these rights out of fear.  For years people have traveled to America to seek medical treatment on a medical visa.  This freedom is now being restricted because Republicans under Trump feel that this use of American medical resources takes away from American citizens right to good health care.  In fact, it only makes American health care better because most of these visitors pay out of their own pockets and come with shared knowledge of health care workers from other countries,

By taking health care away from immigrants The US government would be adding a new insult to the continued discrimination. In addition to the threat of deportation and the loss of jobs, now the US government wants to do something worse for the immigrant community. They are trying to do something unfair for these families as taking away their basic human right of good medical care.

As said in the article their permanency depends on it now. For example: anyone that is without the proper citizenship or visa papers and has any sort of medical care will not be able to become a resident or obtain a green card because they will be seen as using a US citizens benefit  “illegally”.

That is a concern for the senior director of policy for America’s Essential Hospitals Erin O’Malley. She is afraid that this may even affect people with visa and will take away their opportunity of traveling in and out the country, therefore, people won’t go to take regular medical checking. At the end this will cost the development of global health solutions as it will interfere with good international health care communication.

It might also cost many baby’s lives because pregnant women will be afraid of going to the hospital to give birth. They will be afraid that they won’t be accepted in the emergency room or that they will be separated from their now citizen baby through deportation.

Many speculations are popping up that the hospital costs will increase as less attention is given to the community needs. Doctors or specialist will not be paid properly because the immigrant population consists of 1.1 million customers for US Hospitals. Most pay out of pocket cash or have been covered by some type of insurance. That might create a chaos on hospital tools, for the low economy on hospitals. As announced this will become an executive order as the President will push it to be a lawful but it does not have the full consent of Congress.  It will be up to individual states to protect the basic human rights of those threatened by this Federal order.

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