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I wonder why the United State only spends 1% of their Federal Budget on the Environment?

Most of the spending percentage goes to the Health, Social Security, and the military.  I know that health and safety are the most important elements but we have to think about our children and their future life. We should save our globe because it is the foundation of any future prosperity and wealth.

There are many environmental issues going on in the urban areas of the United States and the Federal government is doing too little to fix them.  Our priorities are measured by our investments.  At this point if the environment is to be saved, it will not be done through the benefits of government investment but by the hands, hearts, and minds of private citizens.  There are some serious problems in our communities: such as air & water pollution, drinking water safety,climate change bringing natural disasters and basic day to day challenges to healthy living.

Air pollution is a direct result of people trying to make money with cars, factories and industry. We are paying for the industry of the last 150 years with bad air quality today.  When governments and businesses and citizens work together we can slow down the problem and possibly reverse it. Our spending of money speaks to what we think is most important. We spend too much money on things that contribute to more pollution instead of focusing on what might reduce pollution.

On a general level the climate is changing but the citizens of the world disagree on who or what is responsible for this change. We spend too much time thinking and arguing about the changes instead of acting in a way that will both prepare for the change and prevent it from happening too quickly. With so much disagreement over the changing environment some people think that the next major war will happen as a result of environmental change and decreasing natural resources.

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The administrative regions of the United State...
The administrative regions of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)