The Faith of Morsi



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The Facts

Two years ago Mohammed Morsi was the president of Egypt, now the Egyptian people are thinking about killing the man. Morsi was accused of breaking out of prison during the 2011 uprising before he became president. The courts have stated that Morsi plotted to take over the Egyptian government. Morsi, who is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, became president in 2012 and was greatly supported by many people.

In 2012 Morsi was elected fairly after everyone voted. The army’s control over the government finally seemed to come to an end. In June 2013 Army leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi ordered Morsi’s arrest and El-Sissi became president of Egypt soon after.

Morsi was soon sentenced to death along with 100 other people all of whom, including Morsi were accused of plotting to seize control of the government. Sixteen more people were ordered a sentencing of death for a different reason. They were accused of giving state secrets to the Middle Eastern nation of Iran while Morsi was president of Egypt. While the court was in session, no reporters were allowed in there which leads to the question, If he is guilty then what are they trying to hide?. The alleged evidence to support the claims made against Morsi are unknown.

“They’re insisting on issuing these verdicts against anyone who participated in the January 25 Revolution … all of the verdicts fail to meet international standards of law … they are farcical and will be dismissed as a failing of the coup,” said Soudan, who fled Egypt for the UK after Morsi’s overthrow.

“Condemning Mohamed Morsi to death after more grossly unfair trials shows a complete disregard for human rights … he was held for months incommunicado without judicial oversight and that he didn’t have a lawyer to represent him,” the human rights group Amnesty International

After criticizing Egypt over the decision, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan he accused the West of hypocrisy;

“While the West is abolishing the death penalty, they are just watching the continuation of death sentences in Egypt. They don’t do anything about it,” Erdogan was quoted as saying.


Morsi should not be put to death over unproven facts and becoming president in a fair election. Since there has been no evidence shown to the public to support the accusations made against him, he shouldn’t be charged. All evidence should be revealed to the public for the people to decide his fate. This country is considered a democracy but how could you consider a country democratic and fair with this so called justice being projected on a human being. Not only his killing is against the democratic liberty of life, it could also be the spark of many more problems for the country’s officials.