The First State Visit; Franco American Diplomacy

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Dec 1, 2022 President Emmanuel Macron’s trip to the White House marks the first state visit of President Biden’s administration. NYTIMES

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1. Why did the two Presidents meet?

2. What issues did they discuss?

3. 3 facts and one opinion.

The President of United States, President Biden, had a meeting with the president of france, Presient Emmanuel Macron, to cooperate against several global crises, in particular the invasion of Russia to Ukraine and the rippling effects it has cause across global markets. It was the first state visit in the Biden Presidency of the president of France and first lady.  In-person events that the president host traditionally in the White House were delayed because of Covid, and now finally open to celebrate ties with its closest allies.  In 2018, Mr. Macron was also the first world leader to be invited for a state dinner by President Donald J. Trump.  France and the USA are historic allies since the time of the American Revolution.  I think they are trying to strengthen their ties to guarantee being allies for the possible future events.

The presidents met up to disuess about the issues they had and to work togther to try and fix them. The French president had an issue with Biden because of the climate and the infrastructure bill. Emmanuel Macron ran for president for 6 years , Emmanuel was also the first President of France born after the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958 and Biden has been the president for 2 years . My opioin on this is , at least they can come to each other about any issues they have with each other.  France is currently America’s best diplomatic partner in Europe at a time when European diplomacy is very necessary.