The Geography and Immigration of Bangladeshis



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I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are among some of the most recent immigrants from South Asia to the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.  Bangladeshis are famously friendly, and you are almost certain to receive a warm welcome everywhere you go. Feeling like you’re the center of attention is, of course, a feature of travel in almost any part of south Asia, but it’s sometimes coupled with a sense that your “new friend” may want something from you. In Bangladesh, though, the attraction with people are natural, and rarely will you suspect a secret motive. The tourism industry is foreign visitors are still an unusual sight outside Dhaka. If you enjoy making friends, mixing with the locals and having the opportunity to travel around a country without bumping into too many other foreign faces, then Bangladesh is probably just the place you’ve been looking for.  Gorgeously green yet overload with people, Bangladesh is a rural wonderland laden with waterways, spread with villages and bursting with humanity.

Recently there has been more immigration of of Bangladeshis and south Asians to the United States in a trend known as chain immigration.  

What is chain immigration?

In an immigration context, the term “chain migration” is used to describe an event involving family-based visa petitions. In a chain migration situation, one foreign national may travel to the U.S. and eventually obtain lawful permanent resident  or citizenship status. Lawful permanent residents and U.S. citizens are able to petition or sponsor family members from their home country to immigrate to the United States.

When did I arrive in the United States?

I came to United States June, 2011. Immigrants from Bangladesh in the United States are spread across a number of states, with the largest population in New York, California, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan, and Florida each had approximately 10,000 Bangladeshi born residents.

What are my plans to return to live in Bangladesh or stay in the United States?  Why?

Sometimes returning home after living in foreign country is not easy. The experiences and challenges of living in a foreign country develop inside a person, teach new skills and improves persons abilities, create new meanings in life, and generally transfers into valuable memories. When going back home will also worth planning for this new phase of life, being confident, open-minded and aware of the challenges.



Below is a link on IMMIGRATION over time to the United States. This shows the majority immigrant population in each state over time.  You can see in the recent years there is an increase in “chain immigration” from India and other parts of South Asia as well as even from places like Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Middle East.