The Global Trends of Holiday Shoppers

The Global Trends of Holiday Shoppers


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This article compares the spending habits of different countries during the holiday season compared to how much they spend during other times of the year.

The world’s most aggressive Christmas shoppers (and eaters), ranked

According to the article, North America does  have its own “flair” when it comes to buying gadgets and clothes during the holidays. Even though that is true, Canadians spent twice as much on gadgets in December than any other month.

The same goes for clothes but it isn’t as drastic as the increased purchase of clothes in Anglo-Saxon countries than any other time of year, where as in France and Germany they hold the lowest purchase rating in clothing during the month of December.

When talking about the purchase of clothes the tables completely turn, leaving Southern European countries at the height of the food  rush during the holidays leaving their homes the place to be when the clock strikes dinner time.

Spaniards and Australians may have one of the lowest purchase percentages they still purchase more goods in the month of December than the past 11. This is most likely less pronounced because Christmas usually occurs in these nations when its hot out side and barbecue is the meal being served the night.

What this shows is that no matter where or what the item is, the holiday season is still one of the most hectic shopping seasons for multiple countries. While were fighting for the last iPhone in stores here, people elsewhere are fighting for the last piece of food during the holidays.