The Golden Gate Bridge

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 The Golden Bridge Of Death

  The Golden Gate Bridge is among the most photographed bridges in the world, recognized internationally as a majestic symbol for San Francisco. But for decades, for mourning families, the bridge has also become a symbol of pain, and horror.

In 2016, 39 people died from jumping off the bridge, considered one of the top suicide magnets in the world. Another 184 came to the bridge intending to harm themselves but, were stopped by bystanders that where around.

 “At that moment, there’s really no way out,” said Sarah Lockwood Barr, 26, whose childhood friend jumped off the bridge in 2008. “It’s just too easy and too final.

The deaths have scarred the bridge’s reputation and pointed local officials, lawmakers, and families of those who died, to call for the construction of barriers to stop people from jumping off the 220-foot-tall bridge.

But will they change it? Can they really make a difference. Things like this make you feel like you need to be apart of the world to change the view point of those who have suicide in there minds and feel like that is the only option they have.

If you are a loved one and is struggling through the battle of suicide or depression, visit this website or call this number 1-800-273-8255.