The Gratitude of a Graduate

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My name is Jayanty Dwivedy. I am 19 years old. I would like to start off by saying thank you to Mountain View High School and all my teachers for giving me countless opportunities for growth as an individual and supporting me through everything.

Before coming to this country, life in Nepal was not easy for my family. My family and I went through a lot of pain and struggles.  My mom didn’t have enough money to feed us all the time, but my two other sisters and I still managed to make it through. Some days we did not have enough to eat. My whole family had to go without food. Other days my mother would starve to make sure we ate. My mom sacrificed herself for our family happiness.

When I was four, somehow my dad helped us get a visa to come to the USA for a better life for me and my family. Coming to the USA was really exciting. I learned a whole new language, making English my fourth language. I attended a couple other high schools before enrolling at Mountain View. Mountain View is the school that finally gave me the support and opportunities I needed and couldn’t find at other schools.

While I was in school, I went through a lot. I am a survivor of domestic violence and had many other struggles . Throughout my troubles, my mom was my biggest supporter. She was always by my side. She lifted me up everyday with a positive attitude and good advice. She would sometimes tell me, “We take losses to become better versions of ourselves.” My mom’s words are always in my heart.

Last year, I lost my mom to cancer at a young age. My mom was the strongest of women. She went through a lot, spent countless money and sleepless nights  for me and my sisters to have a better future and education in the USA. What hurts the most is that my mom is not here to attend my graduation.

A week before she died, my mom told me, “More than anything, I want you to graduate.” She really wanted to see me graduate because she didn’t want me going through the same pain she went through. It breaks my heart to not have her here with me today to see this beautiful moment.

As I look around at all my classmates, I realize how grateful I am for everybody in my life here at Mountain View. Many of us have relied on each other to go this far and make it through the school year and to  graduation day. We supported each other during tough times. We used each others’ examples to move forward in life and get better grades. My friends and I pulled each other to get our work done. We stayed motivated on our goals and had each other’s back during tough times. We all pulled each other to the finish line. We owe a lot to our families for their support and love.


My mom gave me the most love that I have ever had that no other love could ever replace. Every day as I get closer to graduation, my heart pounds more. It is as if everything, after all my struggles, is finally coming together, just like my mom and I wanted. I know my mom is here with me now with her spirit and she will continue to guide me throughout life as I move beyond high school.