the gulf war

the gulf war


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In August 1990, the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein invaded a small neighboring country, Kuwait for it oil asset.  This move caused a worldwide condemnation of his tactic, and the entire region became very unstable as he set eyes also on the Saudi Arabian Oil fields as well. Iraqi military  had become the fourth largest military in the world, mainly  aided by  the United as they fought Iran, which was a close ally of the soviet Union.


“A new world order had begun.” In the wake of the Cold War, President George  H.W Bush described the changing alliances and the need for international military cooperation.  As never seem before, this conflict was broadcast 24/7 on television through satellite cable  networks like CNN. America’s advanced military technology and air superiority proved very effective on the desert battlefield against the Iraqi soldiers. Bunker bursting bombs humiliated Saddam’s forces. Although Iraq was able to launch some successful SCUD missile attacks on Israel to retaliate against the Western alliance.  Through diplomacy and high negotiation the West was able to retain neighboring Arab countries from aiding Iraq. The United States passed its first test of the post-Cold War world. Skillful diplomacy proved that the United Nations could be used as an instrument of force when necessary.

Iraq Saddam Hussein
Iraq Saddam Hussein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The large scale American military operations; known as Desert Shield and Desert Storm, were the biggest operations since Vietnam and were  completed with smashing success. Most Americans felt confident in their military and technological edge once more.  My history teacher Mr. Hardy, remembers touring the D.C. mall with American military technology on full display after his high school graduation in June of 1991.


Although Saddam was defeated, he was not kicked out of power. American saw him both as an adversary and a stability to the entire region.

US General “Stormin Norman” Schwarzkopf shakes hands with US President George H.W. Bush.