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     The internet is probably the greatest advancement in human technology to this date. It has done something that no other technology not even the phone could do and that is the access to information. With innovators like google, and ordinary person has access to millions and millions of pages of information. The internet isn’t censored and there are no regulators of the internet; it is an open sourced unfiltered network that has connected people all around the world. Internet forums such as Reddit have allowed people to be anonymous so they can share their opinion and feelings to the world without holding back.  It has allowed people with common interest and ideas to share and collaborate without having to be in the same room. The development of the internet has allowed the rise of the use of social media, a new way of communicating that has allowed us to stay in touch with each other no matter where we are on the globe.  With technology like Facebook It has allowed us to enter the lives of people almost watching them as they progress through life. People may argue that privacy is an issue and companies know too much about us, but the more you  want technology to improve the more you have to give up in order for it to progress.

     Technology itself has become a mirror of the human quality of progression; humans by nature have the drive to enhance and improved every aspect of their lives.  Humans are evolving but in a more drastic way than any other animal on the planet through technology.   We are slowly merging with machines as the science of chip technology, nanotech, and mobile phones improves. Technology has become a more efficient way of evolution, we as humans are able to utilize are environment to guide our evolution to where ever we want. We are not born with a pre-determined place in nature like other animals; instead we have the power to choose what path our species takes.