The Kansas Nebraska Act

The Kansas Nebraska Act


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The Kansas Nebraska Act was a law that many people disagree about it in 1854 .It made  possible for Kansas to open to slavery if they vote for it. This caused conflict between pro slavery and anti slavery forces.  People who were in favor and against slavery moved to Kansas in order to vote.  Instead of voting, they fight each other. This conflict became known as Bleeding Kansas.

People could not trust each other because past compromises were broken. The compromises of 1850 broke the compromise of 1820 and the Kansas Nebraska Act could not keep the peace. Bleeding Kansas was the warning of the civil war that would come with the election of Abraham Lincoln 1860. The Southern states saw slavery as a “states rights” issue and South Carolina led the way in the fight for “states rights”.  The first shots that were fired of the civil war were at Ft. Sumter South Carolina in April 1861.

English: US map 1856 shows free and slave stat...
English: US map 1856 shows free and slave states and populations; this is “Reynolds’s Political Map of the United States” (1856) from Library of Congress collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)