The kite Runner



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Kite Runners Wait
Kite Runners Wait (Photo credit: AfghanistanMatters)


            Have you ever laid at home and felt the rumble of bombs rattle your furniture, or seen your hometown brought down to dust? Have you ever wondered how fortunate we are to be in the land of the free and not be discriminated or killed for our religion? In Afghanistan many people face these hardships daily.

From the first to last page The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini had me lifted. It pulls you into the lives and struggles of individuals, families and cultures. For love to exist there must be loyalty within and when loyalty is broken, the truth must be brought forward to allow forgiveness to take its course.

In this book Amir, the main character and narrator of the story,  struggles to be loyal to Hassan, Amir’s friend and servant. Hassan has been truthful and very loyal to Amir, due to the fact that he is his servant, he must attend to Amir. But he also does it because he has always loved Amir as his brother even without knowing. It’s not until the end of the book that Amir realizes that he hasn’t been loyal to himself and his loved ones.

Others in the book have had to keep secrets to protect the truth, because they would have had created mistrust. In life, loyalty must be the number one thing that friends and family should have to strengthen the foundation of a happy relationship. I believe strongly that once loyalty becomes a problem then the structure of a good relationship begins to weaken. The only way to reconstruct loyalty  is to share the truth.

As the story shifts time periods in the boys lives, we come to learn all the different problems and lies that were kept untold and hidden. Some lies are kept untold to protect loved ones. But in The Kite Runner , lies cause pain, separation and even death.

I believe that if the truth was told, maybe things would have turned out differently or lives could have been saved. And other times it takes breaking loyalty and the truth to learn to never make those mistakes again. In my belief it’s never too late to come forward and tell the truth. When you love someone no matter what even as much it may hurt you or him or her you tell truth. You hope for the best and let forgiveness take its course.

To be able to forgive others can be hard, but to learn to forgive your self can be much more difficult.

I really enjoyed the great story and intriguing writing this book offers. It speaks about personal relationships and the importance of the family and others who surround you everyday.

This book takes you into the life of these people and shows you the outcome of what happens when things like loyalty are broken, and how to be able to face the truth and later and allow the process of healing your self and allowing for forgiveness to take its course.

Its not easy.  I still face the difficulties of forgiving myself and learning to move on. At the end of the day you must love who you are, accept the truth and learn to forgive your self and others.