The Leader of Hypocrites

The Leader of Hypocrites


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South Korean’s national intelligence service informed lawmakers that a cyst was found on Kim Jong’s ankle between May and June; this explains his absence throughout most of September. Europeans experts stated that Kim Jong had a tarsal tunnel syndrome; this is caused by compression at the ankle. The cyst most of gotten to the nerve, or muscle because surgery was required to remove the cyst right away. On most recent recorded footage we start to notice Kim Jong’s injured ankle, days before he went missing, and now about six weeks later we see a healthier  Kim Jong and appears to be more gentle visiting orphanage centers and even playing with young kids. Some assume this is a strategy to soften up the view of North Korea, due to the criticism they’ve gotten on human rights, after a report released by the human nations. This report uncovers some of the mystery that goes on in North Korea and reveals crime against humanity such as  brainwashing, torture, starvation, and imprisonment of  citizens just for trying leave the country, questioning the system, and practicing a different religion.  


President Kim Jon is being accused for crimes against his own people for minor cases such as watching soap operas, when after he himself has being a fan of Disney shows, and western culture. Not only is he a hypocrite for killing others for things he’s done himself, but also a criminal for committing such nasty crimes against humanity.