The Life of Dade County



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Have you ever been to Miami? It is a lovely city in the sunshine state of Florida .  I lived there for 16 years and it has it ups and downs . To me it was more up than down; I loved it and the things you can do there.  A favorite activity was going to the beach to watch the wonderful view of  cruise ships coming and departing .  The beautiful beach strip allows you to see it all but often places hide the shady sides and the only thing we see as visitors are the good parts of a place.

The modern Dade County I know is a place of conflict between the different neighborhoods , the many ethnic backgrounds from American black , Haitians , Hispanics , Whites , and different economic classes. The diversity of Dade County is what makes it both good and bad. Throughout our history its always been a place where different cultures make progress even though they are fighting each other along the way.

A Little Haiti


So how did it all begin ?

The tropical geography has not always been a easy place to live. Even the native people that was there about 12,000 years ago had to fish , hunt and gather the fruit and roots of plants for food. The Spanish first came in 1513 but they found it difficult to live with the Tequesta natives.  Even the Tequesta found it hard at times as there is record of natives  sending a couple of local chiefs to Cuba to ask if they could migrate there.  The Cubans sent two ships to help, but Spanish illnesses killed all the Indians.


Then a guy by the name of Francis L Dade arrived. The county is named after, Major Francis L Dade, of Virginia.  He was put in charge of 107 men and told to march them to Tampa to Fort King near Ocala. He was killed by Native Americans in the Seminole war on December 28 ,1835.  The battle with the Seminole came to be know as the Dade Massacre.



How did it become the urban destination city of present day?

The first major highway was constructed in 1957, by the vision of our 34th president Dwight Eisenhower. A example is 1-95 which was one of the first major highway that start in Miami (the other is US 1 ) and continues all the way to New York. Coming to Virginia I rode on 1-95.  I never thought that 1-95 stretched all the way  to Virginia.,_Florida