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The Marshall Plan was the diplomatic move that helped Europe to recover from the damage WWII caused.  The United States spent $17 Billion dollars (which is about $160 Billion in current dollar value). This whole idea was presented by US Secretary of State General George C. Marshall to meet one main goal, the recovery of the European economy in order to achieve greater prosperity and stability with our allies.

Unfortunately, due to the conflict that was going on in Europe at the time, which led to the Cold War later on; The Soviet Union prevented some countries such as, Poland and Czechoslovakia, from accepting the help we were aiding them with. Moreover, the rest of Europe were welcoming the help because they knew they needed it. United States shipped and flew all kind of aid needed from raw materials, to clothing, fuel, goods, and Us machinery. The main receiver was Great Britain, yet Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands received huge amounts as well. The Marshall Plan had a huge effect on the European Economy and it successfully solved both our relationship with Europe, and their Economy as well.

Personally, I think that the Marshall Plan was agreat idea. It completely fixed the economy, who knows how Europe would be doing right now if we hadn’t helped them? Sometimes it is nice to know that we can unite and help each other out even if it requires a lot, but if we can then why not? Only if it could be as simple as that, if any country falls there would be a neighbor who just helped them out. But no, today if any country sees the other country struggling; they would just take advantage of their weakness and probably try to take over.

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