The Nuclear Arms Race

The Nuclear Arms Race


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During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Soviet Union built large stockpiles of nuclear weapons. In early 1962, the U.S had placed nuclear missiles in their allied nation Turkey. Later in 1962, American spy planes discovered that Soviet Union’s Nuclear missiles in Cuba only 90 miles from United States. This led to the Cuba missile crisis with President Kennedy. During 1960’s, USA and USSR had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world.  This was called madness; Mutually Assured Destruction!  In 1962, people built their house under the ground because they thought the world going to be end by Nuclear weapon.

United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China and India have Nuclear weapons today. Other countries are trying to make Nuclear bombs like Pakistan and North Korea. Do you think nuclear weapons would be needed  in other countries? I think if we start war again with the use of nuclear weapons, all the states would be destroyed or divided by nuclear bombs. Today, the west and Russia still have a problem.  Hopefully, they don’t use a nuclear bomb to destroy themselves.


The map shows Europe divided by the cold war

Nuclear spending today