The Ongoing Genocide In Ethiopia

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In my country, Ethiopia, I’ve always noticed racism towards people of darker skin tone. I’m aware of many hate crimes that targeted certain ethnic groups including the genocide that’s going on right now. Almost everyday we see many graphic videos and pictures of Amharas being executed by armed forces and the bodies of those executed. This needs to stop before it’s too late and we all need to work together to put an end to this. The amount of cruelty these innocent people go through is disturbing and heartbreaking. They live in fear hiding and trying to move to a safer place because the government is not protecting them.


Facts and sources of information

Dozen people are dying in continuing Ethnic Massacres that are happening in certain regions of Ethiopia. Innocent people and children are being slaughtered. There is a Genocide that is unfolding and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

The Amhara are the second largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. They are a somatic speaking group and they constitute over 25% of the Ethiopian population. They are native to the northwest highlands of Ethiopia. While the Amhara have a large cultural influence they have not had any political power for more than half a century.

Tigre People’s liberation front (TPLF) is a political party that has led Ethiopia for almost 3 decades. They have violently and nonviolently targeted the Amhara people for many decades. They accuse the Amhara people as enemies of the Tigray and have vowed to eradicate them. 

The Oromo liberation front (OLF), is a political party that was established in 1973 with the purpose of leading a “national liberation struggle of the normal people against Amhara rule“. They are known to carry out abuses and violent attacks on innocent people.

On Friday, March 19, large scale attacks carried out on civilians in the Amhara region. The attack was conducted by organized Armed Forces. At least 20 people were killed. In western Ethiopia, there was an attack on March 5, members of the Oromo liberation Army stormed a local church and killed many. Some of the victims were women, some carrying children.


New study shows anti-Semitic propaganda under Nazis had life long effect | Jewish News








House Markings are also taking place in Ethiopia. Similar to what happened to Jews during the holocaust. It is done to identify ethnic Amharas and their homes so another mass killings can be carried out.


Everyday Amharas are being slaughtered, burned alive, raped, demonized, and are denied a proper burial. Amharas have been facing genocide for over 30+ years and their population has decreased by 3-5 million people from just 1994-2007 but still there has not been any international condemnation of the genocide. A systematic depopulation is being carried out by the government and this ethnic cleansing has not stopped.

Ways to take action

• Visit for resources!
• Sign the justice and peace for Ethiopia petition (located in the link tree above).
• Write to your representatives and senators to issue a public condemnation of the massacres.


 Mr. Tewodrose Tirfe, Co-Founder of the Amhara Association of America had a hearing with the U.S. House Subcommittee on Africa. During the meeting, he presented the facts when it comes to the 3 decade long ethnic cleansing/genocide on the Amhara people in Ethiopia. Some of the things he says might be disturbing to people.



Ethiopia protests: 'Nearly 100 killed' in Oromia and Amhara - BBC News

                                                     Regions where violence on Amharas are happening.

Ethnic violence is actually a global problem that claims millions of lives everyday. Countless acts of violence have been fueled by tensions between groups of disparate cultures, religions, and languages. As an individual and a journalist, I can spread awareness by writing about it or by sharing stories and ideas of what my country’s government should do. 

I know that the conflicts are largely fuelled by groups demanding more land and power, with attempts to drive out people they regard as outsiders. I think the Ethiopian government should be making efforts to form boundaries and separate conflicting groups. I believe that forming boundaries and local autonomy is a constructive alternative to severe violence like this. I also think the government should allow more self governance in neighborhoods and regions. And I know that separating people sounds negative but, it could be the only way to stop this violence.