The Painful Killer For All

The Painful Killer For All


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It started with what she thought was sciatica, but turned into something far worse. Bone cancer, and before everyone knew it she was gone. My mother passed in February 2012 of bone cancer; at the time I knew very little about cancer in general much less bone cancer. I and other people were confused and angered, for just two months she had passed her mammogram and was breast cancer free. Never did I think she would end up passing two months later, for all I knew she had back pain and would live another thirty years. Reality was hard to swallow and still is, so I am here today to tell you about bone cancer and the types and signs. This is in hopes that you, your friends and or family don’t have to go through the pain of bone cancer.

Bone cancer is known world wide as one of the most painful and aggressive types of cancer, and there are many types. Osteosacroma is a type that starts in the bone and is the most common. It usually starts in longer bones and as the cancer fills the bone becomes weaker than normal bones. This cancer is usually occurs in children or teens, but still occurs at all ages. Chondrosarcoma is a type that begins in the cartilaginous tissue at the ends of bones and joints. It often times occurs in the pelvis , upper leg, and shoulder regions of the body. The last type is the Ewing Sarcoma Family of Tumors (ESFTs) which usually arises in soft tissue areas like: muscles, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, or other supporting tissue. There are many types but they are all deadly if left untreated.

My mother began having an aching back in December of 2011 and went to see her doctor about it. She was thought to have sciatica and started Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to help. Unbeknownst to her she really had bone cancer and didn’t find out till she was in so much back pain she had to go to the hospital. The x-rays showed a tumor had grown on her spine which was pushing on her disks causing the pain. She found out her diagnosis in mid-January and was told she would have a month to live. I didn’t find out she had been diagnosed with bone cancer till February 9th and was told she only had a few days to live. The next day she died. Even with the signs of bone cancer between the back pain and then being diagnosed it was too late. Even with the start of treatment my mother was to weak from the start. The previous cancer had taken its toll and her lymph nods were too few for another deadly attack. From the start my mother didn’t have a chance she was too weak and it wasn’t fair.

Life isn’t fair, we all know this but as long as we put ourselves in the best position we can usually come out on top. So do this is for you, your family, your friends and make sure you watch for the warning signs and if you are diagnosed with bone cancer or any other cancer for that matter get treatment as fast as humanly possible. Make sure you or your loved ones get help, there are many organizations, hospitals, and cancer treatment centers out there that will help and possibly help pay for treatment. The pain of going to the doctors for a checkup will be worth it when your family doesn’t lose you or you lose someone you love, take it from me.