The Perfect Career: Nursing Assistant

The Perfect Career: Nursing Assistant


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Do you know that nursing assistant is an interesting job?  You get to work with a lot people and it is  the base to care for the poor people. This job is great because nursing assistant is the first level of medicine. Nursing assistants do simple work. For example, they  take temperatures, blood pressures and pulses for their patients. The education needed is  high school diploma and two-years in college. It is not a career that takes a long time to study.

Nursing assistant is the best career because it has paid vacation, sick days and health coverage as bNurseenefits.  Also  the earnings for a nursing assistant is based on experience and it depends where they work.  For example if they work in a big hospital it will pay higher than working in a small center. Some of them earn around $ 55,000 each year.

Nursing assistants provides varied treatments depending on the needs of the patient.  Another job in the hospital for them is clearing the patients rooms. The nurse may help the doctors to care the patients.

My opinion is that this is a good profession because it has good benefits and continues to grow here in Virginia.