The Perfect Pet is Cat



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15271257531_b816e344c5_zMy Companion

My cat’s name is Zopanni. I love my cat because my mother  bought her for me.  In my country of Ethiopia, cats are not very expensive, but in the United States they are.  But, I love my cat, no matter how much we have to pay. Unfortunately, when I moved to the United States I had to leave her in Abbe Adeda with cousin.  I miss her very much, but I get to see her every time I visit my country.

Silly Girl

I have fun with my cat.  Zopanni loves to play with string.   She can play anywhere, even on the sofa while I am cleaning.  She thinks it is funny to get in my way when I am trying to get rid of her hair that is everywhere.  Although cleaning cat hair is boring, it is so soft when I pet her.

Caring for my Friend

Cats are easy to take care of.  My cat eats canned beef and bread.  She drinks water or milk.  My cat takes a shower by jumping into my tub when it is full of water.  I also have to keep my cat away from dogs.

Should I Get a Cat Now that I am in the United States?

English: Cat Play-fight
English: Cat Play-fight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am very busy now, so I don’t think it is the right time to get a cat right now.  I go to school and work.  Having Zopanni made things easy, but I don’t have time for a pet right now.  She is a great friend and is not a lot of work, but a new cat might not be as easy as Zopanni.

Happy for Years To Come

Cats live long lives.  Some people say that cats have nine lives!  This is because they get themselves in so much trouble but never hurt themselves.  I am so happy cats live so long because my cat is still alive after 4 years.  I hope to keep her for many more.

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