The powerful necessity of water

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Water is power. It is a necessity for all life forms and human development. The body requires a lot of water & only can survive a few days without it.  Water is elemental to life; as we share and conserve it on our planet it can lead us to new levels of cooperation or conflict.

We learn in Government class that water can be a metaphor for power and authority; water is life giving and necessary but without the proper flow it can drown or destroy through flooding. This is like power and authority.  Power without the proper channel or balance can destroy or become currupted.  Authority is the balance in the cycle or the “channel”of law and social contract that contains the flow of power.



How Long Can You Survive Or Live Without Water?

How Long Can You Survive Without Water?




Will wars be caused by water scarcity in the 21st century?    LINK


Some examples of places of extreme water scarcity:



Here are some of the key facts about global water scarcity:

  • Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population experience acute water scarcity for at least a month.
  • About a half of the world’s population could be living in areas with water shortage by as soonest as 2025
  • 700 million people are likely to be displaced by intense water shortage stress by 2030
  • Approximately 1 in 4 children around the world will be living in regions with severe scarcity of water by 2040