The Preamble; We The People

The Preamble; We The People
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The Preamble is the introduction of the United States Constitution and the  purpose of  American Government.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

What words or phrases of the Preamble do you have questions about?

What do you think about the United States Constitution and the ideas presented in the preamble?

We are students who are benefitiing from the promises of the American Government.  We value our freedom and take our responsibility seriously.  We represent the world with our diverse family cultures and our global geography.  The values of the Preamble are values for global citizenship.

My name is Bryan. I was born in San Salvador, the capitol city of El Salvador and I moved to the United States with the purpose of improving myself. My personal goal is to study and be a commercial pilot in the United States and try to be a better person every day.   An important idea in the Preamble is the promise of Government to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The blessings of liberty is something very important for a secure society.  In the time that I have been living in the United States I have noticed differences from my experience living in El Salvador.  Unlike El Salvador, in the United States, citizens can go anywhere without being worried about violence.  I have more support to reach my goals and the liberty to be what I want to be.   The blessings of liberty bring acceptance to citizens without prejudice.  My posterity is my future family and my personal goals.  It is a promise for the future.

San Salvador is the Capitol city of El Salvador.

My name is Kimberly; I am a first generation American.  My parents came from El salvador to give me a better chance to succeed. Here in the US I gave birth to my beautiful daughter at a young age . She is now 4 years old. This country has given me a better opportunity to continue my education. In this way I know that I am securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity which to me is my future and my family.

My name is Kevin; I am from El Salvador.  I have been living in the United States for two years.  I think creating a more perfect union is a goal for all people of the world. It does not matter the skin color, the race or culture; when it is time to help someone I will help.  If we do this then we are all honoring what the US Constitution says.  I have been in the United States for 2 1/2 years and I can see the equality of how people try to communicate with me.  I do not feel judged negatively just because I look or speak differently than others in the United States.  This is a blessing of liberty and justice for all who live here.

My name is Samuel and I am a natural born citizen and I had the opportunity to benefit of general welfare by having public education and having a broad selection of opportunities come out of it. Justice is is connected to promoting the general welfare in a way where people need a certain amount of well being. In a way I experience this by having a public school program and having opportunities open up to me from this. My parents came to this country for greater justice and security and I am the direct beneficiary of that decision.

My name is Carlos.  I was born in Bolivia. I have visited Miami. I invest my time at school in Virginia.  I like pique macho because it is an example of  my native culture in Bolivia. Below is a video showing the beauty of my home country and native city in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

I like the opening phrase; We the people, of the US Constitution because when I read it, I feel part of the United States.   I think it is very important to feel comfortable in the country where you live.  Living in the United States has helped me to understand the importance of being respectful because of the variety of cultures.   It is awesome that I can learn new things with students from around the world every day when I come to school.  The skills I learn now will help me in the future.   

Pique macho - Wikipedia
Pique Macho is an example of Bolivian Culture

My name is SofiaI am from Guatemala.  My opinion of the constitution of the United states is that I do respect the ordained and established ideas of the US Constitution.  The Constitution organizes the power of the people into the way that we all follow the law and also we are all safe. The balance of the power is very important for necessary social compromise and for equality of opportunity.  All people have a source of power in this representative democracy.  We all understand the balance of power is for personal and public.  I have lived in the United States for three years, and one of the things that surprised me is that education here is free regardless of your social status, race, skin color, we all have a good education.  In my country there is a great difference in economic and political power, where only those of the upper class can have a good future of opportunities. In the United States I feel comfortable about having the power of education and economic opportunity because here it does not matter the statues. All that matters is the people who want to improve in life.


This is a beautiful Island in Guatemala

My name is Leonel . I am from Guatemala. I came to United States when I was 14 years old. I believe in justice because it is a balance of power.  In Guatemala I can see the injustice  when I see many poor people who do not have the opportunity to have an education.  The Government does not provide resources for students in public schools.  When politicians have the money and the power to help but they do not, this is an example of curruption in government.  On the other hand, in the United States, I can see how the government helps people with education. young children and adults at no cost the united states is not perfect but it gives us many opportunities to be a better person in life.

Students from 3 regions in Guatemala
A Church in Jutiapa









My name is Gary.  I am from Guatemala. All the people have the right to have better opportunities like a better job and education.  Education is a human right.  When the government supports education it is  “ promoting the general welfare” of its citizens.

The general welfare for me is all the rights of all the goods that people have. For example public school is a general welfare because we all the have the right to power get a good education.  Another example of general welfare is to be able to have good medicine when needed regardless of skin color, language or immigration status. The general welfare promise of government is enjoyed by all of us who live in the United States.


My name is Lucrecia and I am also from Guatemala. The video above is my home Church in Guatemala.  I like the idea of forming a more perfect union.  Whenever we work as a team and we are united; things work better both for us and for those around us. It is in the history of the United States that immigrants improve the country with our support;  We the people  help each other to find solutions to the problems that we face.  We face  problems  together and make decisions as a team in democratic society.  A social contract makes compromises because we respect the opinion of others. 

My name is CristhianI am from Honduras. I have the liberty to express myself.  I love to the be in the United States because I have the freedom to come to school and the right to work. I know that being in the United States is a good place where me and my family will have a better future.

Plaza de los Dolores in Honduras
The Statue of Liberty has always welcomed immigrants in New York City.









My name is Sabdi. I was born In Honduras. I lived in my country for 11 years.  One of my favorite Hondurean dishes is pollo con tajadas; its very tasty. Playing hide and seek with my friends was fun, going to the rivers to swim, eating fresh fruits etc, but then I had to move to the U.S. with my parents. It was very difficult at first for me when I came because of the language. The first days in school were hard. Some kids would say stuff but I couldn’t understand.  This motivated me to learn English quickly.  As time was passing I learned the language and everything got easier.  When I think about the promises of the Preamble to the American people and I compare this to the reality in Honduras it is clear to me that most of these human rights promises have been violated in Honduras.  In 2019 until now there have been more than 200k immigrants that have left the country of Honduras. People are leaving because of poverty in the rural areas and to escape the military regimes that were against personal freedom.  People are coming to the United States from Honduras to secure the blessings of liberty for themseleves and their posterity.


My name is Angel and I was born in Ecuador. I was studying at a High School in Ecuador. I came to the United States in 2020 to “secure the blessings of liberty for myself and my posterity. ”   I like to play soccer and Ping Pong. My goal is to finish high school in the United States successfully while learning English. I am living and working on my own while I attend school.  Wehn I think about the blessings of liberty I see more opportunity to choose my future career.  Completing high school in the United States is an open door of opportunity for me.

The two mountain cities of Equador

Which City is Right for You: Quito or Guayaquil?


Hello, my name is Ziyad, but most call me Z. I am an Egyptian born and raised in America. One of the many great things about America is the diversity of our population. We have immigrants come from all over the world, and that’s partially what built the America we know today. But it all comes back to three little words. We the people. My parents were born in Egypt, but both came to the United States and they were both naturalized. America has so many things to offer, but only because we work together as a people, for the people. In Egypt, the government works a lot differently and is a lot more corrupt. While Americans have equal opportunity, Egyptians lives and statuses are based on family connections or money or social status etc.  In America it is important to establish justice first so that all have equal opportunity. There is no equal opportunity or stable government, so the lifestyle of an Egyptian is much different than that of an American. I’ve been to Egypt a couple times and I noticed that the environment is a lot less controlled or stabilized. On the streets there are lots of stray dogs and cats, a lot more than I’ve ever seen in the US. Many kids on the street will come up to you and ask for money. At the pyramids, Egyptian or Arab natives are treated much better than foreigners or tourists. Foreigners tend to get ripped off or scammed at the pyramids for things such as pictures or camel rides. Although, I can say the locals are very nice and kind hearted, especially those from my village. They all work together as a family and many Egyptian families show prime examples of we the people. What I’m trying to say is that no matter where you are, people work together all the time, and it all comes back to those three little words. We the people.


Egypt is a cross roads from the Middle East to North Africa

 Hello, I’m Tariq. I’m from Palestine and moved between Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the “Middle East” because of the fighting there. Trust me; you lose your home and your friends, and you’re unable to see your parents for months; that is really painful.  There are basic rights of human welfare that have been denied to me.   I was not allowed to complete my studies or buy a car or at least renew my legal residence becasue I was a Joadanian living in Lebanon. The most hurtful thing about this situation was that I couldn’t talk about it and couldn’t share my feelings. Now, in the United States of America, my liberty is saved I can speak and share ideas. If make mistakes in my learning then people care enough to help me fix it. After years of war, in the Middle East, I could finally see my father who had been living 7 years of seperation from his son inside the USA. I feel now I’m a human and I have a chance to build my life with my all family inside one house with full liberty in the United States of America.  I feel now that I have some domestic tranquility.

My name is Noman and I was born in Pakistan.  When I think of the promises of the American Preamble it reminds me of the promises made in a good marriage.  I recently traveled to Peshawar, Pakistan for my cousin’s wedding.  America and Pakistan are different in many ways but all people have things in common.  Even in the differences of culture, economics and politics, the common goals of a wedding are similar to the goals of good citizenship promoted by the preamble. Pakistani’s are known for A wedding celebrates union; all people celebrate a more perfect union of love.  A wedding establishes justice between two families. A good marriage will insure domestic tranquility.  The husband and the wife together provide for the common defense of the family so that their general welfare will be promoted.  A wedding ordains and establishes a husband and a wife in liberty so that they may be blessed as they celebrate with hope for their future together.

My name is Carlos. What the preamble means to me is an ideal representation of what the founding fathers intended for this country.  The founding fathers spoke of themselves as “we the people” and I wonder if they meant everyone.  I wonder if they realized how many different cultures would come to America believing in the Preamble.   When I read the preamble it makes me feel like I’m entitled to freedom because I was born and raised in the United States. Some Americans read the preamble and feel entitled in a way that makes them defensive and in a way that makes them judgemental of immigrants.  I think its ok to feel entitled by the preamble but don’t use the promise of human rights that it offers as a form of judgement against others. I believe anyone who migrated to America is also entitled to the same basic human rights the preamble has to offer.