The President and The Economy

The President and The Economy


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The economic indicators above is showing job creation under Presidents Bush and Obama from December 2007 to December 2011. When Presidents Bush was in office, the job creation was declining each months by private sector from December 2007 to December 2008. The percentage shows that the private sector changed from about 50% on December 2007 to the maximum -850% on December 2008. On the other hand, Presidents took office on December 2008, and at the following month the private sector changed had drop to about -700%. The percentage had changed slowing, and eventually become positive on 2010 and maintain positive.

Why is job creation is important? why do people care?

Jobs are important to the economy and the most important reasons is that jobs are the main income for American, so many of us think that unemployment is a bad thing because people without jobs earn no wages are hard to survive such as unable to pay for foods and houses. Then, the government has to have some programs like unemployment insurance and other benefits to help people to solve these problems. Why do people care? Where is the government get all the money? That is the money that come from citizens pay checks. Government is giving jobless people short term help, but it can not pull people out of poverty. While people keep continue depend on government and without looking for jobs, and that is a problem because there are jobs that might not have people to do and there are people that do not take the jobs. That is a waste of resources.  Therefore, people stay in poverty.

Do you think a US President should get credit or blame for positive or negative trends in economic indicators over the time of their Presidency?  How does Media and personal politics shape the view of the facts and numbers?

I think an U.S. President should not get blame for positive or negative trends in any economic indicators over the time of their presidency because President is only part of the government and he not the one who make all the decision, but gives suggestion. However, consumers are making their decision whether buying or not buying goods, and Congress is making the decision too. President is not a dictator and he has not power for total control things, and people choose what they want in a democracy country. There are just so much things that we can not control.

The media and personal politics are often twist the view of the facts and most of them are one-sider. The purpose of media is to get people attention from advertisement and to sell things. Pretend that the person do not like President Obama, he will blame President Obama no matter what he does. Even the economic is growing, the media does not give credit to President Obama because their job is to defeat him and to target the consumers who are dislike President Obama.

Remember Bush was handed a good economy by Clinton, and when Obama took office the economy already bad. However, don’t blame Obama for the bad economy.  The economy is actually getting better.