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The image above shows a few female factory workers making teddy bears.

The early 20th century was the dawn of political equality for women. After thousands of years of degradation, women now had a chance to seize this new opportunity. The days of scumming  to the needs of the everyday household tasks were finally over. The horizons of the job market expanded, thus making  jobs for everyone. For instance, there were now jobs that involved intellectual thinking and innovative thinking but women were only just beginning to enter this area of society.

 Jane Addams was a venerable social worker, author and reformer. She addressed her concerns to individuals all over regarding world peace, needs of children, equality, etc. Her endeavors for change  left a large footprint in our world. Jane Addams was the first American women to ever be awarded the noble peace prize.

A wall-mounted quote by Jane Addams in The Ame...
A wall-mounted quote by Jane Addams in The American Adventure in the World Showcase pavilion of Walt Disney World’s Epcot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The progressive era was the result of urbanization and industrialization. Before all of that, Americans weren’t very familiar with the concept of industrial  technology, so shifting to a more intricate/urban lifestyle was a giant transition for our young nation. With such change, people were more fixated on the industry itself, rather than its working conditions. Eventually people became aware of the abysmal working environment and demanded change.

The progressive era was a pivotal time for our growing nation. Many individuals realized the gender inequality, the inadequate working conditions, and the rest of the long list of injustices. But  most people were afraid to voice their concerns because they feared the potential repercussions. Perhaps they would lose their job or maybe have ugly rumors spread regarding them.

If you look at the entirety of the human existence, since day one, humans functioned in groups in order to survive. If their spears were too dull to kill mammoth, if their sanctuary didn’t protect them from the numbing temperatures, if there was any stagnant tactic they still used, members would verbalize their concern in order to contribute to the group.  Jane Addams did just that and American society listened.

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English: Jane Addams in a car
English: Jane Addams in a car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)