The Selfie Known Around The World


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The selfie known around the world was taken place during the Nelson Mandela celebration service in Johannesburg. The photo is President Obama,  Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron taking a picture what is known as a selfie. A selfie is when a person takes their own photo of themselves. The photo was captured in a way that might have made the world leaders look very disrespectful, due to where they were and how inappropriate the timing was to talk this type of photo. Not only was it considered inappropriate, but it was said that leaders also spend a lot of time talking. In the photo as well one can see the first lady Michelle Obama completely composed and looking straight forward. Many people are very astonished that our world leaders would act in a certain matter, that with just one photo is world a million words and give off a certain personification.

In my own opinion I do not think that the time for this photo was appropriate, but I also believe that our world learns should act a certain way that looks good to the public and doesn’t cause their reputation to be tarnished.  They need to compose themselves in a way that is respectful due to the timing and need to act in a certain way that they look professional.