The Spoils System for Education in America


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Besty DeVos was chosen by President Donald trump to be the new secretary of education. This was a risky decision because she doesn’t have any experience in public education. She did not assist, attend, or send her children to any public school. Furthermore, yesterday she had an interview with Virginia democratic senator Tim Kaine who had some serious questions for her. She could not answer these “yes” or “no” questions about fairness and equality in public education.

A question many Americans have is about the effect of money on Trump’s cabinet picks.The question was if you family had not made hundreds of millions in contribution with the Republican party or candidate Trump would you be sitting here today? It sounds like she is in this position because her family made these contributions and not because she deserves it.  This is known from the time of President Andrew Jackson as the Spoils System. Another question that was raised by Democratic Presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was should we be making public college, or higher education public or tuition free.  It appears that Betsy DeVos does not want any education to be public and in fact her thinking could have very bad effects on public education funding from the national government in the next 4 years.